NaNoWriMo Ahhhh!

Week three of NaNoWriMo is quickly turning into insanity!

My novel is in two parts. I have written through one climax and I am working on some build up to my second one. I feel like I am writing ALL THE TIME! In the five minutes I have between classes, I write a few paragraphs. I create dialogue while I eat meals. I even dream my plot (when I have time for an hour or two of sleep!).

I’m not going to complain about the dreams at all. Don’t get me wrong. They’re fantastic! It’s like getting a movie of my novel made. Except this movie follows my book exactly. There are no book-movie flaws! Sure it’s only a little scene here and there but they’re still super cool!

Oh dear… did I just describe my dreams, in detail, to a public audience? Well…maybe I’m going a little crazy, but hey! That’s half the fun of NaNoWriMo!

If you are on the fence about participating in NaNo, I strongly recommend it. It’s so much fun. Sure, you may be a little sleep deprived, and you may go a little crazy, but it can be the most rewarding month of your life and you can make some really cool friends!

As always, a good luck shout out to all you WriMo’s!


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