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A Little Behind

I am starting to fall a little bit behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. I want to finish my manuscript by the 26th. There are a few scenes that I want to add and some editing I want to do before I turn in my final word count.

I am going on an eight hour road trip (on the 27th) to Pennsylvania to visit family for Thanksgiving. Since I will be a passenger I would like to work on my novel for the duration. I am also planning to do nothing but write today. I feel the editing I am planning to do is going to greatly affect my word count which is why I would  like to get some of it done before the omniscient November 30th deadline.

Am I setting myself up for ridiculous stress levels with this goal? Probably. Am I going to love every moment of it? Probably ūüėČ

Always wishing luck to my fellow WriMOs!


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