NaNoWriMo Ahhhh!

Week three of NaNoWriMo is quickly turning into insanity!

My novel is in two parts. I have written through one climax and I am working on some build up to my second one. I feel like I am writing ALL THE TIME! In the five minutes I have between classes, I write a few paragraphs. I create dialogue while I eat meals. I even dream my plot (when I have time for an hour or two of sleep!).

I’m not going to complain about the dreams at all. Don’t get me wrong. They’re fantastic! It’s like getting a movie of my novel made. Except this movie follows my book exactly. There are no book-movie flaws! Sure it’s only a little scene here and there but they’re still super cool!

Oh dear… did I just describe my dreams, in detail, to a public audience? Well…maybe I’m going a little crazy, but hey! That’s half the fun of NaNoWriMo!

If you are on the fence about participating in NaNo, I strongly recommend it. It’s so much fun. Sure, you may be a little sleep deprived, and you may go a little crazy, but it can be the most rewarding month of your life and you can make some really cool friends!

As always, a good luck shout out to all you WriMo’s!


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Insomnia Driven Reflection Prompt

A little preface: This is an insomnia and prompt driven blurb… The prompt suggested that I write about how life would be easier with nobody to share it with. This is what I came up with–

I push people away because it’s easier. If you let someone in even a little bit, it gets complicated. You either have to let them have access to everything in your life, or you have to be constantly monitoring where and when to put your guard up or take it down. If you put it up or take it down at the wrong time, or in the wrong place, you start to scare the other person away. I think that hurts a lot more than pushing then away in the first place. At least in that case it’s self inflicted and doesn’t involve anyone you may have opened yourself up to hurting you against your will.

Then again, the worst pains are the ones we inflict upon ourselves.

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A Little Behind

I am starting to fall a little bit behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. I want to finish my manuscript by the 26th. There are a few scenes that I want to add and some editing I want to do before I turn in my final word count.

I am going on an eight hour road trip (on the 27th) to Pennsylvania to visit family for Thanksgiving. Since I will be a passenger I would like to work on my novel for the duration. I am also planning to do nothing but write today. I feel the editing I am planning to do is going to greatly affect my word count which is why I would  like to get some of it done before the omniscient November 30th deadline.

Am I setting myself up for ridiculous stress levels with this goal? Probably. Am I going to love every moment of it? Probably 😉

Always wishing luck to my fellow WriMOs!

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Plot Twist!

I’m having a late night to early morning NaNoWriMo writing session. I feel like I come up with some of my best ideas when I’m exhausted and super emotional! (hahaha!)

I was writing a scene in which my main protagonist came to the realization that sometimes stories don’t have happy endings. I decided to take this concept and use it to completely alter the ending of my story. It is a completely different book now and the morals I am working into it are almost opposite of what they were an hour ago.

I was a little nervous about changing something this drastic, but I broke down my ideas and put them in an outline. Once they were in outline form (sort of) I realized that a complete plot twist is totally doable! It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be and I’m actually enjoying the challenges it’s presenting.

Yet another lesson I’ve learned in my first year of NaNo! I’m loving my decision to participate more and more every day!

Still wishing my fellow WriMos lots of luck 🙂

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Write-In #1!

Just concluded my first Write-In!

It was amazing! Five of us met at Barnes and Noble and sat on the little stage in the children’s section with our laptops. We got some strange looks especially when we asked each other questions that involved plot points. We probably sounded crazy, but it was a ton of fun!

I am attending another Write-In tomorrow. It is being held at a local Panera. I can’t wait to meet some people from the community that are going through the same insanity I am!

I’m loving NaNo more and more everyday. Even though it’s getting harder and harder.

I’m still wishing all of my fellow WriMo’s good luck!

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Update 11/4: First Drafts

It’s still only the first week of NaNoWriMo and I’m already low on sleep. I am running on pure adrenaline! (Well…and large amounts of coffee)

Despite the toll it’s taking on me, I am loving NaNo! It’s a really great motivator for me. I tend to edit as I go. Most of you know, this will not work! I’ve been working on just getting my ideas on paper and trying to worry about editing later.  One thing that I have learned in these first few days of craziness is that first drafts don’t have to be perfect! It’s okay for them to be messy. Then, once you have an idea of how your novel is going to flow, you can go back and make it pretty. Since editing is my favorite part (I may be strange in that sense) this also gives me a little more motivation to get it done and hit my word count goal.

Still wishing all of my fellow WriMos luck! Keep going everybody!

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The Beginning of the End: Post 4: Because I wrote this and made myself laugh

He gave an elated, “woop” and grabbed a tree branch. He swung forward several feet and landed on the opposite side of a huge log.

“You’re gonna kill youself, Zephyr!” Tiffany shouted. I gave her a sly little smirk. “Oh, don’t you even.”

“I know. I know,” I said trying to suppress a laugh.

“Who cares!” he shouted back and grabbed a new branch. “At least I’ll die happy-y-y-y…” He flew of the branch and disappeared in a pile of dead leaves. “Ow.”

Tiffany and I cracked up. “You know,” I said between breaths, “I think that may be the most hilarious, stupid thing that guy has ever done.”

“And that’s saying something,” she said, trying to catch her breath too. He walked over to us pulling leaves out of his hair.

“Not a word, you two,” he said.

Tiffany and I tried to hide our laughter by twisting our facial expressions into polite concern. “What would we say?” I asked. He stared at me with the most ridiculous face I couldn’t help but crack up again. This time he joined us.

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